Davis Foulger

I am currently an adjunct professor at Brooklyn College, a Director of the Chamber Music Production Non-Profit Organization Arion Chamber Music, and active in the production of performance videos for several non-profit organizations with which I am associated. There was a time when I was a fairly active creator of new software (mostly at IBM Research). These days I'm mostly a user of computer software, but I remain a student of new media and the invention processes associated with the creation and evolution of media. It's that latter work that this site takes its name from.

I started this site while a Visiting Professor at Oswego State University. It has evolved into a multipurpose public wiki on which the following things are posted and, at least to some extent, collaboratively edited. The primary content collections here my discussion notes for the class I teach (see http://evolutionarymedia.com/teach.htm and http://evolutionarymedia.com/student.htm and notes associated with various research projects (see ResearchInterests).

I used to operate this as a public wiki, but spammers and vandals have caused me to pretty closely control write access. Bottom line: You probably won't be able to post here. That's sad in a lot of ways. Wikis used to be tremendously useful resources for collaboration and reasonably secure wikis like Wikipedia still are. Unfortunately it only takes a few malevolent people to make maintaining a wiki more work than its worth. I do operate some reasonably secure wikis now, but I won't tell you what they are.

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