How To Create Tables In This Wiki

Table support is not a standard feature of Wiki software. Some wikis have implemented table support that uses multiple vertical bars to allow a row of a table to be described on one line. This wiki has implemented an alternative syntax which describes a cell on each line. One advantage of this syntax is easier editing. Another advantage support for left-justified, right-justified, and centered table entries.

Note that this wiki's table support does not currently display correctly in its help panel. To see the table syntax, pleased edit this page.

Here is a centered table:

|Cell 1,1 ||Cell 1,2 |Cell 2,1 ||Cell 2,2

Here is the source that created it:

 |Cell 1,1
 ||Cell 1,2
 |Cell 2,1
 ||Cell 2,2

Note that each line of the displayed source has a space character at the beginning of each line, whereas the working table has no spaces preceding any of the lines in the table.

Here is a right-justified table:

/Cell 1,1 //Cell 1,2 ///Cell 1,3 /Cell 2,1 //Cell 2,2 ///Cell 2,3

Here is a left-justified table:

\Cell 1,1 \\Cell 1,2 \\\Cell 1,3 \\\\Cell 1,4 \Cell 2,1 \\Cell 2,2 \\\Cell 2,3 \\\\Cell 2,4 \Cell 3,1 \\Cell 3,2 \\\Cell 3,3 \\\\Cell 3,4

Note that the number of cells in each row of a table is open ended. The only limit on the number of cells in a line is the reasonableness with which the table displays in a browser.

Cell types (left, right, and centered) can be mixed within a single table:

/Cell 1,1 ||Cell 1,2 \\\Cell 1,3 ////Cell 1,4 /Cell 2,1 ||Cell 2,2 \\\Cell 2,3 ||||Cell 2,4 /Cell 3,1 ||Cell 3,2 \\\Cell 3,3 \\\\Cell 3,4

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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