How To Createa New Page Ina Wiki

To create a page, follow these steps:

  1. Edit a wiki page. On MediaSpaceWiki there is usually an edit button at the bottom of the page and an "Edit" hyperlink in the bottom frame. Either should work. A good page to try this out the first time is the ?WikiSandBox (see the Sandbox entry in the bottom frame).
  2. When you edit a page, a browser edit window is displayed with the existing content of the page in it and a save button at the bottom. You can change the text in this window. For now, however, you just want to add a new page reference.
  3. To create a new page reference, simply run some words together with each word capitalized. ?HeresAnExample. ?HeresAnother. Notice that these references either have a question mark in front of them or are highlighted as hyperlinks. Clicking the question mark allows you to create the page. Clicking the hyperlink allows you to view the pages content.
  4. Save the page.
  5. A thank you page is displayed with the page you just edited highlighted as a hyperlink. Click the hyperlink.
  6. You will view the page again. It should have your new page name (and other text) in it. If your new page is really new, it will have a question mark in front of it. If it doesn't because it is a hyperlink, someone else may already be using the page name. If it doesn't have a question mark in front, you probably didn't create the new page name right. Go back a view steps.
  7. Click on the question mark to edit your new page.
  8. Write what you want to be on the page
  9. Save it.

You have created a wiki page that can be edited from any browser anywhere.

Do this with your name (e.g. ?YourName) and you'll enable a signature page for yourself. The best place to create this page is the GuestBook.

Click on the question mark that precedes a page like ?WordsTogetherLikeThis to actually create the page.

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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