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Advanced Interpersonal Communication

Session Subject Notes
1 Class Introduction  
2 Models DayTwoAdvancedInterpersonal
3 Definitions, Models, Theory, and Research DayThreeAdvancedInterpersonal
4 Typologies of communication DayFourAdvancedInterpersonal
6 Media and Media Ecologies DaySixAdvancedInterpersonal
7 Non-verbal and Verbal Codes DaySevenAdvancedInterpersonal
8 Language DayEightAdvancedInterpersonal
9 Meaning DayNineAdvancedInterpersonal
10 Relational competence DayTenAdvancedInterpersonal
11 Perception DayElevenTenAdvancedInterpersonal
12 Listening, Roles, and Rules DayTwelveAdvancedInterpersonal
13 Rules and roles DayThirteenAdvancedInterpersonal
14 Relational Identity DayFourteenAdvancedInterpersonal
15 Compliance DayFifteenAdvancedInterpersonal
16 Interpersonal Contexts DaySixteenAdvancedInterpersonal
17 Relationships and Family DaySeventeenAdvancedInterpersonal
18 Relationships and Dyads DayEighteenAdvancedInterpersonal
19 Professional Relationships DayNineteenAdvancedInterpersonal
20 Culture and the telephone DayTwentyAdvancedInterpersonal
21 Mid-term DayTwentyoneAdvancedInterpersonal
22 Conversation Analysis DayTwentytwoAdvancedInterpersonal
23 The telephone as an interpersonal medium DayTwentythreeAdvancedInterpersonal
24 Openings DayTwentyfourAdvancedInterpersonal
25 Turn taking and vocalics DayTwentyfiveAdvancedInterpersonal
27 Class Discussion DayTwentysevenAdvancedInterpersonal
30 Group Presentation/XequalsSumMedia DayThirtyAdvancedInterpersonal
31 Kinesics DayThirtyoneAdvancedInterpersonal April 10
32 Appearance and Adornment DayThirtytwoAdvancedInterpersonal April 12
33 Proxemics DayThirtythreeAdvancedInterpersonal April 15
34 Haptics DayThirtyfourAdvancedInterpersonal April 17
35 Chronemics/Time DayThirtyfiveAdvancedInterpersonal April 19
36 Personal Space DayThirtysixAdvancedInterpersonal April 22
37 Personal Space DayThirtysevenAdvancedInterpersonal April 29
44 Final Exam Preparation and Course Evaluation ?DayFortyfourAdvancedInterpersonal May 10

The semester syllabus for this class can be found at The general syllabus for this class can be found at

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The semester syllabus for this class can be found at The general syllabus for this class can be found at

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