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Bus Prof Comm Fall2013 Sn08

6:30pm: Unscheduled fire drill

6:40pm: Mid-Term Exam

  1. Starts at 6:30pm
    1. All answers must be written on the answer sheet
    2. Essays should be no longer than two paragraphs (e.g. think short)
    3. I expect to curve the exam
    4. Start by reading through the entire exam and nominating questions for a "50/50" answer elimination
  2. You can leave the room when you are done with the exam
    1. If you don't have your resume with you, go print it out
    2. But you must return BEFORE 8:00pm for the Interviewing exercise

8:00pm: Interviewing Exercise Starts

Remember: You MUST stay for the second half of the class. This is a GRADED EXERCISE!

Last week

  1. I had previously indicated, at least twice, that "I don't control the subways" and that you should not leave class if I don't arrive on time.
  2. Last week I arrived at class eighteen minutes late.
  3. That's because I had major subway issues last week.
    1. The 2/3 trains stopped north of me just as I got on the platform.
    2. When I saw the pattern I didn't wait for an announcement, but caught a 1 train and transferred to the B.
    3. I transferred back from the B to a 4 train at Atlantic Avenue, but someone was sick on my train and it stopped too. No 2's passed Atlantic during the 25 minutes we waited there.
    4. Eventually the 4 moved and I took it to Franklin
    5. Where the next 2 was still 10 minutes out and the next 5 was 18 minutes away. I eventually took the 2, arriving at Flatbush at 6:40.
    6. If all had gone well I would have been in my office at 5:15. Instead I arrived at this classroom at 8:48. I had 10 students in class and a somewhat longer list of students that had left before I arrived.
    7. I sent out an e-mail at about 6:50pm indicating that class had started.
  4. This is not an excuse. It is an explanation of why I told you not to leave if I arrive late. \I WILL always arrive and teach class unless I am hopelessly stuck somewhere (like in a coffin).
  5. Here's how I'm handling it:
    1. If you signed in and left early, I can still be your (very limited) alibi for the period before class started.
    2. I don't grade attendance, but I recorded that you left early unless you returned to class.
    3. The 10 students who attended class received points for participation, got the benefit of the lecture/discussion and had some limited advance knowledge of the exam.
  6. It doesn't matter what is in the student handbook if I have instructed otherwise. The student handbook doesn't provide for makeup classes.

That should answer any questions you might have.

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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