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Bus Prof Comm Fall2015 Sn11

Sex, Lies, and Visual Aids

Enable Compact Comparisons Verbs Nouns
Noun Phrase Allow you
Verb Phrase to organize things

    1. Photographs
      • portray reality.


    1. Graphs can clarify and simplify statistics
      • Line graphs illustrate statistical trends.
      • Pie graphs demonstrate distribution patterns.
      • Bar graphs show comparisons between two or more items.


    1. Charts
      • Useful for summarizing large blocks of information
      • Can present more categories than can be shown on a bar graph.
      • Can summarize the steps of a process.
      • Can summarize information the audience may want to write down.


    1. Video
      • Difficult to match detail, vividness, and immediacy
      • Must be edited skillfully and integrated smoothly into the speech.
      • Always practice with the playback equipment ahead of time
    2. Transparencies
      • Can display photographs, drawings, graphs, and charts
      • Inexpensive, easy to produce, and provide a strong visual image.
      • Writing must be large enough to be seen clearly from the back of the room.
      • Be sure to rehearse with overhead projector
    3. Multimedia presentations
      • combine charts, graphs, photographs, and video
      • can be highly effective.
      • Preparation intensive
      • Computer malfunction are a risk
    4. Our bodies
      • When we demonstrate how to do something.
      • Practice coordinating actions with speech.

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