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Bus Prof Comm Spring2015


Still subject to change

Course Abbr Credits Code Section Schedule Location
SPEC 2623 3.0 16534 ER6 TH 06:30-09:15PM Boylan 3424

Session Date Subject Matter Notes Readings
1 Jan 29 Introductions BusProfCommSpr2015Sn01  
2 Feb 5 Fundamentals BusProfCommSpr2015Sn02 Chapter 1; Web Reading
- Feb 12 No Class
3 Feb 19 Business and Culture BusProfCommSpr2015Sn03 Chapter 2; Web Reading
4 Feb 26 Listening BusProfCommSpr2015Sn04 Chapter 3
5 Mar 5 Snow Cancellation; Not counting on getting a make up day.
6 Mar 12 Language BusProfCommSpr2015Sn05 Chapter 4
7 Mar 19 Managing Business Relationships BusProfCommSpr2015Sn06 Chapter 5
8 Mar 26 Interviewing/Class Interviewing Exercise BusProfCommSpr2015Sn07 Chapter 6
9 Apr 2 Mid-Term; Doing Due Diligence: Evaluating Public Companies; Group Exercise ?BusProfCommSpr2015Sn08 / ?BusProfCommSpr2015Sn09 No readings
- Apr 9 Spring Break. No Class.  
10 Apr 16 Small Group Communication; Group Work BusProfCommSpr2015Sn10 Chapters 7 and 8
Apr 23 Preparing Presentations; Group Work BusProfCommSpr2015Sn11 Chapters 9 and 10
12 Apr 30 Group Presentations; Public Speaking ?BusProfCommSpr2015Sn12 Chapter 11
13 May 7 Public Speaking; Workplace Media; Presentation Prep BusProfCommSpr2015Sn13 Chapter 12
14 May 14 Individual Presentations; Final Exam Review ?BusProfCommSpr2015Sn14 No readings
Final May 21 Final Exam ?BusProfCommSpr2015Sn15


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