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Communication And Community

This is a space for discussing communication and community. The origins of the space are a discussion at the April, 2002 Eastern Communication Association. It started with a session led by Shara Pavlow from U. Miami on building a course on Community. Much more should be done here, including referencing her presentation.

Current participants (please add your name and e-mail address if you plan to play here):

Here is a note I sent after the session:

Nice talking with you yesterday at ECA. I have several things to do relative to yesterday's conversation, but thought I should at least point you to the following.

First, a page on my WIKI site that summarizes a large bit of the summary discussion yesterday: CommunityEqualsSumMedia

Second, a related page from the NCA Summer Conference (DIAC-02) site that is related (actually the pages cross reference each other):

Third, a bit of the theoretical perspective of media invention and evolution in which this is rooted: The communication model at the end of the paper may be particularly interesting.

I will let you know about other things as I have them ready.

As a general offer, however, my WIKI site enables collaborative composition over the internet. If you are interested we could set up a page or set of pages on which we might hash out your course outline and other issues. This is that page (or the first of those pages). Let the fun begin. - DavisFoulger

A BreakoutOfCommunityMedia which reorganizes and expands on some material in Shara Pavlow's presentation. - DavisFoulger
A very preliminary TypologyOfCommunities which is emergent from discussion at the DIAC-02 Symposium.

Why no activity since 2005? There's lots of activity since 2005 - just not on this page. I opened the page in the confluence of a couple of interesting events that suggested that community might be a good place to spend some research time and had hoped I might have found a collaboration partner. I've since organized and taught a course in the area and built up some data in support of a theoretical perspective that relates to the question, but my research has largely focused elsewhere over the last year or so. If you have something to add, however, please do. I would love a discussion. DavisFoulger

Explanation of persuation,information, motivation and education as a function of communication

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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