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Excellent Bib from John December:

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Proposal: Guild Publishing: Media Temporalities (from JCMC): Media Temporalities in the Internet: Philosophy of Time and Media with Derrida and Rorty:

Computer and Network Mediated Human Communication Systems have been conceptualized almost from the beginning of the computer age. Vannevar Bush's "As We May Think" initially proposed what we now think of as HyperMedia back in 1945. HyperMedia took a long time getting going. The first workable demonstration of hypermedia didn't occur until 1968, and the first broadly used hypermedia systems didn't show up until 1985. Work on HTML didn't start until 1989, and the web didn't experience truely rapid growth until some 50 years after the original Vannevar Bush article. But the Web isn't the only Computer and Network Mediated Human Communication System. Other key computer mediated systems include:

There are many more. I expect to expand on this list in coming editing sessions and to collaboratively explore the possibilities associated with them. I already have research , some of it quite detailed, on variants of these media. I'll be creating pointers to that content here, and in some cases rebuilding that content as a cross-linked hypermedia space here.

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