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Critical Analysis Spring2010

Currently a Working Draft

1 W, Feb 3 What is "Critical Analysis"?   ?CriticalAnalysisS2010S01
2 W, Feb 10 Snow Closing
3 W, Feb 17 Ecologies of Critical Perspectives Read, "The X is the Message" (posted on Moodle), and CriticalAnalysisS2010S02
4 W, Feb 24 Semiotices: Meanings and Their Representation   CriticalAnalysisS2010S03
5 W, Mar 3 Narrative: Representation and its Packaging   CriticalAnalysisS2010S04
6 W, Mar 10 Genre: Patterns of Representation   CriticalAnalysisS2010S05
7 W, Mar 17 Reader-Oriented Criticism: Audience Perspectives   CriticalAnalysisS2010S06
8 W, Mar 24 Cultural Perspectives   CriticalAnalysisS2010S07
- Draft from here on Ideological Perspectives   ?CriticalAnalysisS2010S08
- Mar 29-Apr 6 Spring Recess
9 W, Apr 7 Inside Ideological Perspectives   ?CriticalAnalysisS2010S09
10 W, Apr 14 The Perspective of Production   CriticalAnalysisS2010S10
11 W, Apr 21 Probes and Metaphoric Perspectives   CriticalAnalysisS2010S11
12 W, Apr 28 Post-Modern Perspectives   CriticalAnalysisS2010S12
13 W, May 5 The Rearview Mirror and the Fictional Flash Forward   CriticalAnalysisS2010S13
14 W, May 12 Term Paper Presentations No Readings ?CriticalAnalysisS2010S14
15 May 19-25 Final Exams, Date TBD No Readings ?CriticalAnalysisS2010S15

Notes for Critical Studies

Media Studies: A Reader - Table of Contents

 	Introduction: About this Reader	
 1	Mass Communication	14
 2	Culture Industry Reconsidered	24
 3	The Medium is the Message	30
 4	'Mass Communication' and 'Minority Culture'	35
 5	Encoding/Decoding	41
 6	The Power of the Image	50
 7	The Public Sphere	55
 8	The Masses: The Implosion of the Social in the Media	60
 9	On the Cultural Industries	78
 10	The Media and the State	84
 11	Concentration and Ownership in the Era of  Privatization	91
 12	Producers in British Television	102
 13	The BBC and the 1956 Suez Crisis	113
 14	Radio Signs	125
 15	The Codes of Television	133
 16	Programming as Sequence or Flow	142
 17	Broadcast TV Narration	148
 18	Racist Ideologies and the Media	160
 19	Fictions and Ideologies: The Case of Situation  Comedy	169
 20	Progressive Television and Documentary Drama	180
 21	Televised Chat and the Synthetic Personality	189
 22	Survival Skills and Daydreams	205
 23	Cagney & Lacey: Feminist Strategies of Detection	 211
 24	The Page Three Girl Speaks to Women, Too	221
 25	Whose Imaginary? The Televisual Apparatus, the  Female Body and Textual Strategies in Select Rock Videos on MTV	237
 26	Postmodernism and Popular Culture	246
 27	Desensitization, Violence and the Media	260
 28	On the Social Effects of Television	266
 29	The Television Audience: A Revised Perspective	271
 30	Uses and Gratifications Research: A Critique	285
 31	Cultural Transformations: The Politics of Resistance	298
 32	Housewives and the Mass Media	307
 33	Wanted: Audiences. On the Politics of Empirical Audience Studies	313
 34	Behind Closed Doors: Video Recorders in the Home	 327
 35	Moments of Television: Neither the Text nor the Audience	337
 36	?EastEnders: Creating the Audience	355
 37	The Continuous Serial: A Definition	362
 38	The Search for Tomorrow in Today's Soap Operas	371
 39	Dallas and Feminism	381
 40	Crossroads: Notes on Soap Opera	386
 41	Everything Stops for Crossroads: Watching with the Audience	391
 42	News Values and News Production + Bias, Objectivity and Ideology	405
 43	The Production of Radio and Television News	416
 44	The Social Production of News	424
 45	The Falklands Conflict: The Home Front	430
 46	When a Woman Reads the News	438
 47	News Content and Audience Belief	446
 48	Advertising: The Magic System	461
 49	The Impact of Advertising on the British Mass Media	 466
 50	Understanding Advertisers	480
 51	Decoding Advertisements	489
 52	Handling Sex	492
 53	Discriminating or Duped? Young People as Consumers of Advertising/Art	503
 54	Consumer Culture and the Aura of the Commodity	510
 	Further Reading	515
 	Acknowledgements	517
 	Index of Names	521
 	Subject Index	524

Television: the critical view - Table of Contents

 	Television and the present climate of criticism	1
 	'Too many kids and old ladles' : quality demographics and 1960s U.S. television	15
 	Negotiating civil rights in prime time : a production and reception history of CBS's East Side/West Side	37
 	Innovating women's television in local and national networks : Ruth Lyons and Arlene Francis	60
 	Ethnic masculinity and early television's vaudeo star	85
 	Identity, power, and local television : African Americans, organized labor, and UHF-TV in Chicago, 1962-1968	106
 	Toward a paradigm for media production research : behind the scenes at General Hospital	133
 	Translating trek : rewriting an American icon in a Francophone context	150
 	 Double vision : large-screen video display and live sports spectacle	185
 	Erasing blackness : the media construction of 'race' in Mi Familia, the first Puerto Rican situation comedy with a black family	207
 	Textual (im)possibilities in the U.S. post-network era : negotiating production and promotion processes on lifetime's Any Day Now	273
 	'Ah, yes, I remember it well' : memory and queer culture in Will and Grace	249
 	Cartoon realism : genre mixing and the cultural life of The Simpsons?	272
 	The West Wing's prime-time presidentiality : mimesis and catharsis in a postmodern romance	292
 	Sex and the city and consumer culture : remediating postfeminist drama	315
 	Girls rule! : gender, feminism, and Nickelodeon	332
 	Soap opera in China : the transnational politics of visuality, sexuality, and masculinity	353
 	McTV : understanding the global popularity of television formats	375
 	Sounds real : music and documentary	397
 	From insiders to outsiders : the advent of new political television	408
 	Television melodrama	438
 	Components of a viewing culture	455
 	Big Brother : the real audience	471
 	Telenovela reception in rural Brazil : gendered readings and sexual mores	486
 	Sex appeal and cultural liberty : a feminist inquiry into MTV India	507
 	To have and to hold : the video collector's relationship with an ethereal medium	530
 	'This is not al dente' : The Sopranos and the new meaning of 'television'	561
 	The family racket : AOL Time Warner, HBO, The Sopranos, and the construction of a quality brand	579
 	Television as transmodern teaching	595
 	'Democracy as defeat' : the impotence of arguments for public service broadcasting	605
 	A response to Elizabeth Jacka's 'democracy as defeat'	618
 	Entertainment wars : television culture after 9/11	625
 	Regulation, media literacy, and media civics	654

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