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Ind Inst Aud Fall2013

Discussion Notes for Industries, Institutions, and Audiences
# Date Subject Discussion Notes Readings (TBOB=This Business of ...; TIH=Television: An International; GTV = Global TV
  Origins and Essentials of the Broadcast Industry  
1 Sep 9 Introductions, Models, and Mediators IndInstAudFall2013Sn01 No readings
2 Sep 16 History of Broadcasting IndInstAudFall2013Sn02
  Structure and Practice of the Broadcast Industry  
3 Sep 23 Structure of the Broadcast Industry IndInstAudFall2013Sn03 TBOB Chapters 3, 4, and 15
4 Sep 30 Practices: Roles and Economic Models IndInstAudFall2013Sn04 TBOB 5, 12, 16 and 20; TIH Chapter 3
5 Oct 7 Practices: Programming Radio and Television IndInstAudFall2013Sn05 TBOB 7, 8, and 17
6 Oct 15 (Tues) Fantasy Draft/Commercials IndInstAudFall2013Sn06 No reading
7 Oct 22 Content Distribution: Networks, Syndication, Cable, and Satillite IndInstAudFall2013Sn07 TBOB 10, 13, and 18; GTV Chapters 1 and 2
  Institutions, Audiences, and Genres  
8 Oct 28 Alternate Media for Emerging Markets IndInstAudFall2013Sn08 TIH 15, 16, 19, and 21; Web Readings (see Moodle). Gurest Speaker is Dr. Uma Vangel.
9 Nov 4 Mid-Term Exam; Broadcast Regulatory and Support Institutions IndInstAudFall2013Sn09 TIH 8 and 9; TBOB 25, 26
10 Nov 11 Niche, Genre, and the evolution of Television Content IndInstAudFall2013Sn10 GTV 3 and TIH 4
11 Nov 18 News, Events, and Sports IndInstAudFall2013Sn11 TIH Chapter 6 and 7; TBOB Chapters 6, 9, and 19
12 Nov 25   ?IndInstAudFall2013Sn12  
13 Dec 2 The continuing evolution of streaming and broadcast media around the world IndInstAudFall2013Sn13 TIH 13, 14, 17, and 20
  Looking Forward  
14 Dec 9 Your Career in the Changing World of Broadcasting and New Media IndInstAudFall2013Sn14 TBOB 11, 21, 23, 24, 27; TIH Epilogue
- Dec 16 Optional Final Exam Date Offered in Whitehead 418 at 6:30pm
Final Dec 23   ?IndInstAudFall2013Sn15  

Based on the information I have now, starts Monday, Sepbember 9, which seems rather late, so I'll have to run down the semester schedule details more closely.

TVRA 2265 3.0 17109 EM6 M 06:30-09:15PM Whitehead 418 A

25 Students Registered

 TVRA 2265 
 Course Code 0928 
 Section 2CV	

 M 01:00-04:30PM  305 A
 W 01:00-05:00PM  305 A

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