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Interpersonal And Mass Media

References relating to Integrated notions of Interpersonal and Mass Media.

From a note from Shara Pavlow (slightly reorganized:

  1. I totally agree with you about the silliness in dichotomizing human and media communication. I view them as integral, complementary facets of a single process. I've actually suggested that our Ph.D. program require both the human and media theory classes from both sides of that invisible fence. As things now stand, Masters and Ph.D. students take a single comm theory class which is structured for either a media or human comm focus. Not surprising, both orientations are offered under the same course number and description...but the content differs signiificantly depending on whether it's taught by a media or human com prof. Students are urged to take the class with a prof from within their own program. And so far, my suggestions haven't gone anywhere. They probably won't, but in making them it's helped me to clarify my own thoughts.
  2. The only references I recall that address this complementary relation between human and media com have to do with diffusion, opinion leadership, and social influence (e.g., the two-step flow model). Those theories talk about the role of media influence on early adopters (the information function) while interpersonal connections shape later diffusion. I've expounded on their ideas by incorporating concepts of influence and social influence from both psychology and sociology.
    1. Rogers includes some of this in his book Diffusion of Innovations, but I found real meat in the old orginal research reports from which Rogers took his information. They include:
    2. Katz & Lazarsfeld: Personal Influence
    3. Berelson, Lazarsfeld & ?McPhee: Voting
    4. Coleman, Katz, & Menzel: Medical Innovation
  3. YES, YES, YES...we can definitely extrapolate ideas about media effects on indiviudals. That's the whole point of looking at social influence.... I came back to school to study the effects of boundary crossing communication (the process) and boundary crossing communicators (the people)...and my definition of boundary crossing entails both cross cultural communication skill and cross cultural communication influence. I'm really interested in the role of inter-group communication in community building and in conflict prevention. At this point, my studies are focusing on race and ethnic group relations, but they are potentially applicable at every level of analysis from local neighborhoods to international relations (I spent a year looking at this from international perspective before deciding to first deal with the more manageable local community level).

From another Shara Pavlow note:

a quick thought re: your comment on Farace. I believe the orginal work on job contacts was done by Mark Granovetter...The strength of weak ties...American Journal of Sociology, Volume 78 (May, 1973), pp 1360-1380. It's available full-text on line through J-Stor.

In the communication realm, Weimann has published a number of pieces. Three especially relevant ones include:

  1. On the importance of marginality: One more step in the two-step flow of communication, American sociological review, vol 47, issue 6 (dec, 1982), 764-773 and

  1. The influentials: Back to the concept of opinion leaders? Public Opinion Quarterly, vol 55, issue 2 (summer, 1991), pp 267-279.

  1. The influentials: People who influence people (1994). SUNY Press.

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