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Media Criticism Fall2007 Sn04

Think Assignment 5 due today
View your body of content. Select a single scene (up to a minute or so of film) or frame (a freeze frame). What languages (codes) are used in the frame. Briefly describe three different "signs" in that are available in that frame, one for each of three languages. For each, what is the signifier? What is signified? Note that this is a substantial assignment. Get started early.

Read Allen, Chapter Two. Don't forget to write down two questions based on the readings.

Blackboard assignment for the Wednesday section only
Bring up the class Blackboard (go to to log in). See BlackboardTutorial for what may be helpful instructions. If you already have a CUNY portal login ID, lot into Blackboard. If you don't, it will be good to get one, but you can enter the system another way using your name, birthday and social security number (see However you login, enter the group discussion board, select the forum titled "Test", and both reply to the message I've posted entitled "Reply to this" and create a new topic using the "Add new thread" button.

Advance notice of Think Assignment 6
This assignment is due at Session 5 and I'll go over it today, but you'll want to get started on it now. First Annotated Bibliography. Find four references that talk about your body of content. Use APA format (see ApaStyleGuide) to document your references. An annotation is a sentence or two, just below each reference, that summarizes, in your own words, what the reference has to say about your body of content. (see MediaCriticismQuestions)


  1. Collect Questions
  2. Discuss Semiotic Think Assignment
  3. Mini-lecture: More Semiotics
  4. 10 minute break
  5. Discussion based on Questions
  6. Mini-lecture: Narrative Theory
  7. Go over assignments for next time (see MediaCriticismFall2007Sn05)

Mini-Lecture: Semiotics: Vocabulary and Method

"The study of everything which can be used to lie" - Eco

A semiotic vocabulary

  1. channel
  2. code
  3. syntagm
  4. paradigm
  5. langue
  6. parole


The method of semiotic criticism

Semiotics is generally conducted using the following methodology:

  1. Identify a text as a source of parole.
  2. Select a set of channelsEto be examined within the text for parole'''.
  3. Examine the text to identify the parole of interest within the selected channels.
  4. Analyze the parole

Mini-Lecture: Introduction to Narrative Theory

Narrative Theory

Mini Lecture: Narrative Theory - Stories and Characters

Narrative Theory: The story

Narrative Theory: Characters and Settings

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