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Mediated Interpersonal Communication

Session Subject Date Discussion Notes
1 Course Introduction January 22 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession1
2 Clinic: Building a Web Page with Five Tags January 24 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession2
3 The Invention and Evolution of Mediated Interpersonal Systems January 27 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession3
4 The Invention and Evolution of the Telephone January 29 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession4
5 Clinic: Conversation and Content Analysis (InstantMessingerTranscriptsFromClass) January 31 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession5
6 Genre and Interpersonal Texts February 3 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession6
8 Instant Messenger Transcripts and Web Site Design February 7 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession8
9 Time, Space, and Scale in Interpersonal Media February 10 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession9
10 Genre in Telephone and Instant Messenger February 12 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession10
11   February 14 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession11
12 Mediators, Characteristics, and Internet Media February 17 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession12
13 Mediators, Characteristics, and Internet Media February 19 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession13
14   February 21 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession14
15   February 24 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession15
16   February 26 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession16
18 The practice of conferencing March 3 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession18
19 Interpretive Practice March 5 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession19
20 Project Lab March 7  
21 Genre March 10 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession21
22 Group Project Presentations (Spring03MediatedInterpersonalProjectGroups) March 12 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession22
23 Mediated Ecologies March 14 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession23
24 Orality, Literacy, and the Web March 17 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession24
25 Emotion in a digital medium March 19 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession25
27 Disruption March 31 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession27
28 Managing Disruption April 2 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession28
30 Netiquette, Rules and Enforcement April 7 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession30
31 Rules and Enforcement April 9 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession31
32 Telepresence April 11 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession32
33 Presentation of Self April 14 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession33
34 Indenty as Group Accomplishment April 16 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession34
35 Disruption April 18 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession35
36 Relationships April 21 ?Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession36
37 Building Communities April 28 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession37
38 Building Communities April 30 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession38
39 Building Virtual Environments May 2 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession39
40/41 Term Paper Presentations May 5/7 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalWebSites
42 Course Conclusion May 9 Spring03MediatedInterpersonalSession42
Final   Spring03MediatedInterpersonalFinal

Term Paper

Course Syllabus
Class Web Sites
Class Project Groups

Final Exam

Lecture Notes

Mid-term exam to be posted here (but its not here yet)
Spring03MediatedInterpersonalMidTerm Spring03MediatedInterpersonalMidTermDiscussion

QuestionsForMediatedInterpersonal ChatAboutMidTermQuestions MediatedInterpersonalInstantMessengerTranscripts

Buddy Icons
Philip Agre on New Media Design, Genre, and Community
Book on Virtual Teams
A lot of readings can be done from directly online provides several useful starting points.
Altavista Best of the MUDs
A MUD family tree
A list of resources on term paper writing and style
Discourse Analysis
Remote Presentation
Centra e-meetings free trial:
John December's CMC Resource Page

Media Technologies to Cover:

Voice of the Internet
Total Information Awareness

Text to Review:

Possible texts:

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