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Models Of The Communication Process

Classic Models of the Communication Process:

Aristotle's Model (according to Berlo):
For another perspective on Aristotle's implicit model of the communication process, see

Bell's Drawing:
This model is discussed in

Saussure's Model:
See also and

Shannon's Model (according to Berlo):

Shannon’s Model:
Originally discussed in Shannon's classic paper at
Critiqued nicely at
Discussed in more detail at

A Storage Model:

An Intermediary or Gatekeeper Model:
Katz and Lazarsfeld’s Two Step Flow extend this model. See

An Interactive Model:
Discussed in more detail at

A Transactional Model:
This model has its roots in Schraam and Osborn's Circular Model. It is extended in interesting ways by Dance's Model (see and the time series model of Watzlawick, Beavin & Jackson (see
Discussed in more detail at

See also:

Models of Communication forwarded by Davis Foulger

An Ecological Model of Communication:
Introduced near the end of Extended into an axiomatic model in

Its predecessor, referred to as a unified model of communication:
Introduced with minimal discussion at the end of

Spheres of Invention in Media:
Discussed in and


In this topic "THE MODEL OF COMMUNICATION BY LIGANS" should be added because that model is more useful and new then these all.
I presume you are referring to "ligands" and to models of biochemical interaction at cell boundaries, which is described in at least one recent article ) as an intercelluar communication process involving ligands. I won't say this isn't interesting (it is), but it is hardly a general model of the communication process and it isn't newer than the most recent models overviewed here. - DavisFoulger

maybe you must add Dance model of communication here! the photo and the illustration

very nice exact point of communication

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