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Organizational Media Ecologies

This is a project being done with Meghan Parsons ( as an independent study. We will, in this project, view organizations as media ecologys (see for more information on the concept of media ecology.

Organizations use a variety of communication media for a variety of purposes. This range of media covers the full spectrum of media types, from interpersonal to broadcasting and everything in between. In this independent study we will attempt to look at Organizations as Media Ecologies (e.g. as collections of media that are used to accomplish the goals of the organization. Media will often be used either together or in parallel to achieve complementary and perhaps other outcomes. In this course of study we will attempt to identify a range of organization types that can be differentiated by their media use profiles (e.g. their media ecologies).

Towards that end we will do the following:

Notes: Meghan, sorry I was a bit muddled in our meeting today. Finish your exams, get started working, and when you have time, start looking over the materials we talked about. For the moment I want you to do three things
  1. Learn about what it means for something to be an ecology. The book should help with that.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the concept of roles in media. The best way to do that is to read my Roles in Media paper (see RolesInMedia for a pointer). You may want to take a look around the various pointers from the RolesInMedia page here. It stores much of the research that underlies the paper.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the variety of media. The Roles In Media paper is a good start for that. The typologies on TheVarietyOfMedia page will make more sense after that.

For Wednesday, January 30

The Media Ecology Association paper deadline has been pushed back to February 25. That gives us a little more time to put together a paper.

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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