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Research Interests

The Research Interests of DavisFoulger:

A note for those who are unfamiliar with Wiki Collaborative Composition: this is an active page which changes regularly as my research interests change. A more cleanly packaged statement of my research program can be viewed at

My research seeks to uncover and explicate, through a combination of media theory, research on computer media, and examination of ?EcologiesOfMedia, AricherNotionOfMedia in which:

My ResearchInterests have historically been more varied than this. They have included genre, persuasion and attitude change, social movements, audience analysis, pop culture, CommunicationNetworkAnalysis (of organizations, user interface design, communicating autonomous agents, and computer language design.

While my current work has a decidedly theoretical orientation, it is strongly grounded in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. I am a strong believer in having a diverse methodological toolbox and doing "what works" (following Feyeraband) methodologically. Characteristics of Media is heavily oriented around the methods of numerical taxonomy, and makes use of factor analysis, cluster analysis, and related statistical methods. One of my digital divide papers tests a path model using multiple regression against archival data gathered from multiple sources. My recent Time in Interpersonal Media presentation used conversation analysis to look at Instant Messenger and Internet collaborative composition. My Ph.D. dissertation and other papers have made heavy use of participant observation, ContentAnalysis, surveys, archival data, experiment and a range of other methods. I am certainly well equipped to teach courses in quantitative and qualitative methodology, as well as communication theory, should the need arise.

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