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Small Group Spring2006 Session15

Index Card Assignment (due today)
List the five things about small group communication that we've discussed so far this semester that you find most interesting. "Things" can be flexibly interpreted to encompass theories, methods, and aspects of the small group communication process.

I assigned groups based on this assignment.

Group Competence

Skill Effective Ineffective
Being flexible and adaptable Open Minded; Listens to others points of view; Is Flexible Intolerant of others opinions
Expressing an orientation to or having an awareness of the team or group Doesn't criticise what others have to say Is impatient with the slow progress in groups
Communicating and Listening Effectively Has good communication skills Exhibits communication anxiety
Helping the group or team establish specific goals Knows what they are talking about; Shares ideas Has trouble organizing and presenting ideas
Participating in decision making or problem solving Actively participates in the task or activity Is shy
Giving, seeking, and receiving Feedback Contributes to the Group Reluctant to speak up or argue a point in hopes of Avoiding Conflict
Maintaining relationships thorugh cooperation, collaboration, and conflict resolution Gets along well with others Dislikes being in Groups
Coordinating and planning team and group activities Enjoys people and being in a group Not liking groups and not trusting others to do a good job
Leading and motivating other group members Provides leadership; Helps the group stay on task Lacks leadership skills
  Is willing to work hard Has trouble maintaining focus or Motivation

Index card assignment due Tuesday
Based on the group topic you've been assigned, how might your group organize a group presentation on the topic (in terms of subject matter)? What paper topic might you be interested in pursuing within this topic. This will be a starting point for a group discussion on Tuesday.

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