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Spring03 Organizational Term Paper

Identifying a working organizational ecology where at least people have to work together to accomplish a goal. Examples might include:

Your term paper should explore three different ways in which this working ecology might be arranged. One of the three arrangements should be the way it is organized now. The second should be an improved spatial arrangement. The third should be a virtual (e.g. non-proximate) working arrangement. What media are, might, and should be used to support the groups work? How is, might, and should the work environment be arranged spatially and to structure time. What communication problems are solved and created by each work arrangement? How does each arrangement support teamwork and head-complement relationships? Use ten or more references to support your designs and conclusions.

Answers to questions about the term paper:

A statement of what I expect in a term paper

A conversation with a student about the term paper on Instant Messenger that may have value for other students:

student (3:13:51 PM)
Dr. Foulger?
professor (3:13:57 PM)
student (3:14:14 PM)
I have a few questions about the paper
professor (3:14:19 PM)
student (3:14:45 PM)
I was going to write about WTOP our campus television station and how it is a working ecology, but I am a bit stumped on how to get 10 sources from this
professor (3:15:36 PM)
What have you looked for?
student (3:16:27 PM)
Well I am kind of stuck because there is no concrete information on the station, I have been a part of it for 3 years so I know most of the information
professor (3:19:28 PM)
I assume you know about the station ... and I wouldn't expect that it would be the source of your references. Am I missing something?
student (3:20:32 PM)
I guess I am just confused on where to find 10 sources about this topic since it is not something that is documented in a book or on the web -- maybe this is a wrong topic?
student (3:22:05 PM)
I am not sure where to start searching for references for the questions that are posed on the web site
student (3:27:58 PM)
maybe we could set up a time tomorrow to discuss this?
professor (3:31:07 PM)
You can't find anything on how you organize a workplace effective?
professor (3:31:49 PM)
You can't find anything on how people can work together on a distributed basis?
student (3:31:49 PM)
i am sure i can I am just a little confused on what exactly you are looking for in this paper
professor (3:32:29 PM)
I won't be town again until Monday.
professor (3:33:02 PM)
But start with fundamentals.
student (3:33:05 PM)
professor (3:33:12 PM)
How is WTOP organized now?
professor (3:33:29 PM)
Are there problems with the current setup?
student (3:33:50 PM)
yes i can explain all of that fully , but that is where i find the problem in lack of sources
professor (3:34:03 PM)
Have other people talked about television station/studio setups in the literature?
student (3:34:15 PM)
there is a constitution so i am using that
student (3:34:28 PM)
i have begun to look that up as well
professor (3:34:38 PM)
Is there anything in what they have described that might suggest how WTOP might be organized better?
student (3:35:16 PM)
i am getting more ideas -- so basically this paper is pretty open ended -- there is no set topic -- correct?
professor (3:35:22 PM)
Is it possible for WTOP to operate on a distributed/virtual basis?
professor (3:35:33 PM)
This paper is pretty open ended.
professor (3:35:35 PM)
student (3:35:39 PM)
student (3:35:46 PM)
thanks for the ideas!
professor (3:36:01 PM)
There is a specific set of questions ... and a lot of ways to answer them.
professor (3:36:08 PM)
professor (3:36:11 PM)
Good luck.
student (3:36:13 PM)

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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