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Systems Theory

Systems Theory

A nice summary introduction to Systems Theory in Communication
A nice overview of the motivation to Systems Theory in general and its roots
Encyclopedia style overviews
A Curriculum for Cybernetics and Systems Theory
Useful summary of recent texts
Principia Cybernetica
Mathematical Systems Theory
Intermediate Third Edition. Discusses, among other things, such components as capacitors and resistors.

Systems Theory in Organizational Communication

Summary of Organizational Systems Theory (very incomplete, but good in what it covers


What is complexity? A simple overview
Complexity (journal)
Complexity International Journal
Herbert Simons' "Architecture of Complexity"
Hierarchy and Self-Organizing Systems
Against the Building Block Hypothesis
Attractor Basins
Complexity and Human Writing
Self Organization, Language, and Cultural Selection
Interactive Art
Evolving consensus among a population of communicators
Meet, Discuss, and Segregate Opinions move based on thresholds within random conversations
Scale and complexity in similuated prisoners dilemma
The Co-evolution of cooperation and complexity in a multi-player, local-interaction prisoners' dilemma.
Santa Fe School and Emergence of Complexity


Direct Digital Control of Building Systems (a book about buildings as systems)

Odd but interesting

Grammar Systems Theory (languages of artificial intelligence systems)

Books that may be worth looking at

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