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Web site graphing

Wireless Hot Spot Lists

Web Page Spell Check and Diagnostics
Bobby Page Diagnostics
Virtual disk providers


Whois Searches
Lists of Domain Registrars
Domain Registrars ($8.88) ($7.95 domains) ($9.95) ($9.95) ($30/year; 50Meg; 2Gig; Unlimited e-mail addresses) ($9.95 with enom management and some extras) ($7.00 for .biz domains)
Domain wholesalers (work through domain name resellers) ($29.95; less expensive via resellers)
Lists of Inexpensive Web Hosts (advertized catalog of hosting sites)
Inexpensive Web Hosting ($4.95; 400Meg; 20Gig; Unlimited Domains) ($4.99; .33 Gig; 10 Gig or 5Sites/$9.99; 1 Gig; 24 Gig) ($7.75; 500 Meg; 30 Gig; 150 e-mails) ($3.95/mo.) ($2.50/month; 5 e-mail addresses) ($2.49/month; 5 e-mail addresses; 5 ftp addresses; 2 gig) ($5.00/month; unlimited e-mail accounts) ($5/month; 25 e-mail accounts) ($7.50/month; 300 e-mail accounts)
Free Web Hosting
Link optimization

Personal and Interpersonal Web Services

Diary site


how many web sites?
web site statistics
internet intelligence
internet archive
remote traceroutes
Web Site Test Tools and Site Management Tools

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