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Welcome to the MediaSpaceWiki. Please sign the guestbook so we know you were here.

For those who are not familiar with the concept of a Wiki, it is a collaborative writing and discussion space. When you first see a wiki page, it looks just like any other web page. There is a huge difference, however. The most obvious difference, at first glance, is the presence of an "Edit" button at the bottom of the page. The edit button allows you to change the page you are reading, most typically by adding content. That can occasionally be a problem (see SiteVandal), but usually isn't. In any case, I maintain a backup, so you can't really do any long term harm.

If you are new to Wiki, and want to try out collaborative editing without taking any great risks, you can use the WikiSandbox. It will tell you about other resources you can access as you learn to use a Wiki. You may also want to take advantage of one of the frame based user interfaces to this wiki that are listed on the FrontPage.

If you want to look around, I would note that this is a fairly new Wiki and there isn't much here yet. The MainTopic page will direct you to the root nodes of this Wiki. The recent changes page ( will show you what pages changed today. The SearchPage will let you search the site by keywords. If you plan to participate here, you may want to bookmark those pages and create a WikiSignature page. The ?GuestBook has instructions about how you can do that.

There have been an excessive number of attempts to overwrite this page with WikiSpam. That led me, several years ago, to prevent it from being written to by anyone by the site administrator. An increase in volume over recent months has led me to block it from being being saved for review under most circumstances. I won't resume review of material that people have attempted to post here until the WikiSpam volume for this page abates.

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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