Human Communication and Technology Division
Minutes of the Annual Business Meeting
(November 17, 2007--Chicago, IL)

Officers in Attendance
Immediate Past Presidents: Davis Foulger, Andy Finn
Co-Chairs, President 2007: Scott D'Urso, Yun Xia
Co-Chairs, Planning: Ulla Bunz, Nanette Hogg
Co-Chairs, Publications: Shannon VanHorn, Rodney Marshall
Co-Chairs, Membership: John Howard, Kris Markman

Scott D'Urso called the meeting to order at 3:36 pm.

The members were asked to review the minutes from 2006. The minutes were approved as written.

Attendance sheets and sign-up sheets for reviewing, chairing & responding at the 2008 convention were passed around.

Report on Legislative Assembly
Scott D'Urso reported the following:

  • Executive committee announced 3 year trial of a new conference registration policy: The first author must be pre-registered by deadline or be dropped from schedule. Scott proposed amendment to read that the designated presenter must be registered by deadline. The amendment passed unanimously, and NCA will institute these changes for next year's conference.
  • Guest policy to bring in non-NCA member was articulated. Guests must meet these criteria: they may only come to one panel, have no intentions of ever joining, and can bring significant insight to panel & convention.
  • NCA is doing very well financially, with 9 months of reserves (goal is 12). As a result, our division budget increases to $410 next year.
  • The changes to the membership fees as listed in Spectra have been approved. There is currently no difference between regular & sustaining membership. Next year the Legislative Assembly will look to see if NCA can add value to sustaining category or if it should be eliminated.
  • There was a discussion regarding how NCA invests its money, based on an earlier request to look into being socially responsible. NCA reported back that it was too difficult do to, but the Legislative Assembly directed them to do it anyway.
  • This year was the largest conference thus far, with 6200 people registered, which is upwards of 70% of membership. Next year they expect it may be a little smaller.

Report from Vice-Co-Chairs of Publications
Shannon VanHorn reported on next year's program:

  • The theme for 2008 is unCONVENTIONal
  • Shannon asked for people to be reviewers, respondents, etc.
  • To secure a better hotel rate, NCA has changed the dates for next year's conference. The pre-conferences will be on Thursday, and the conference will run Friday-Monday. NCA is working on discounts to encourage people to fly home on Tuesday.
  • Next year the top student paper in each division will be in a competition for an award (Cushman award).
  • Shannon explained the differences between pre-conferences (example: how to be a better teacher) and seminars (take topic and fill day w/ information). For those wanting to propose a short course, they need detailed vita and need to be up front if there is a textbook for sale as well.
  • Scholar-Scholar sessions are trying to move away from old poster style. Divisions get two extra slots for S-S, and NCA is asking us to do additional S-S session for top paper panel. We need "wandering scholars". There will also be a button to check if you want your submission to be considered for S-S session.
  • Submitters will also ask to check off box with respect to ethics (in response to someone submitting the same paper to 10 divisions with only minor changes)
  • Feb. 15 deadline for submissions.

Co-Chair Report
Scott D'Urso presented a proposal to amend bylaws:

  • The Division is struggling to get participation to get new officers, and our structure as currently written is  out of synch with requirements of NCA. The proposed amendments would bring us in line with NCA bylaws. Propose to bring in the new structure within 3 years. Scott reviewed main changes:
    • remove 2 officer per position structure, change to one officer
    • change officers (see attached)
    • gave brief description of positions.

Discussion ensued on the proposal, including a check of existing bylaws to confirm that members in attendance can vote on proposal today. The point was raised that by-laws are missing type of procedure (Roberts Rules of Order or similar)

  • Added to proposal: Division will use Robert's Rules of Order

Discussion ensued on whether program planner is really one-person job. Continued discussion regarding compliance with NCA.

Motion: Approve proposal as amended. Motion seconded, standing vote taken, vote 20 favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain, passed unanimously.

A new election procedure was followed based on the newly approved bylaws. Nominations were taken for the office of secretary (two-year term) & student representative (one year term).
Sebastian Valenzuela from UT Austin and Michelle Calka from Ohio University were nominated for student representative.

Sumitra Srinivasan from University of Toledo was nominated for secretary
A motion was made to accept slate and passed unanimously. Sumitra Srinivasan was approved by acclimation. A paper vote was taken for student representative. Michelle Calka was elected.

New Business:

  • Discussion ensued regarding the day for business meeting. A suggestion was made that it should be held between the two Legislative Assembly meetings, in the slot right before lunch.
  • Yun Xia praised the 4 issues of the HCTD newsletter produced by Shannon & Rodney in 2007.
  • Nanette & Ulla mentioned an issue with Scholar to Scholar sessions, these got lost this in the NCA system this year. They advised next year's planners to be careful. They also raised the issue of an extra slot for the conference. The planners were told repeatedly that we could apply for extra slot, but it turned out they were taken. NCA did not notify us until September. This year showed the most submissions compared to past several years.
  • Discussion ensued about inequity in slots allotted with respect to the size of our division and having to turn people away from sessions because of the small size of the room (one panel had to turn away 18 people because the room was over-full).
  • HCTD will continue the student award as it seemed to boost submissions this year.
  • Discussion regarding issues with budget with NCA.

The meeting adjourned at 4:21pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Kris M. Markman

Co-Membership Chair, 2006-2007