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Class Discussions

Discussion notes for classes I am teaching (and have taught in the past). See StudentPage for an alternate outline of some of these materials.

Spring, 2017 courses

Fall, 2017 courses

Spring, 2017 courses

Fall, 2016 courses

Spring, 2016 courses

Winter, 2015 courses

Fall, 2015 courses

Spring, 2015 courses

Fall, 2014 courses

Summer, 2014 courses

Spring, 2014 Courses

Fall, 2013 Courses

Summer, 2013 courses

Spring, 2013 courses

Fall, 2012 courses

Summer, 2012 courses

Spring, 2012 course

Winter, 2012 course

Fall, 2011 courses

Spring, 2011 courses

Winter, 2011 course

Fall, 2010 courses

Spring, 2010 courses

Winter, 2010 course

Fall, 2009 courses

Summer, 2009 courses

Spring, 2009 courses

Winter, 2009 courses

Fall, 2008 courses

Spring, 2009 courses

My Spring, 2009 schedule is currently in chaos. At this writing I'm scheduled to teach:

The following are canceled, but who knows.

Summer, 2008 courses

Spring, 2008 Courses

Fall, 2007 Courses

Summer, 2007

Spring, 2007 Courses

Fall, 2006 Courses

Spring, 2006 Courses

Spring, 2006 invited and competitive lectures and presentations

Spring, 2006 Independent Study Opportunity

Fall, 2005 courses

Fall, 2005 invited and competitive lectures and presentations

Summer, 2005 courses

Spring, 2005 courses

Fall, 2004 courses

Summer, 2004 courses

Spring, 2004 courses

Spring, 2004 lectures

Spring, 2003 courses

Time to adopt a ManualOfStyle?

Spring Presentations:

Fall Presentations

My Fall, 2002 courses:

My Spring, 2002 courses included:

In Fall, 2001 I taught:

I have created or updated several course descriptions. See NewCourses.

A page for ClassAnnouncements.

I have been building an outline for a CMC course:

My GradingRubric.



Imported from elsewhere

Course Outlines

     A Science Fiction Introduction to Media 
     Communication Theory 
     Research Methods 
     Interpersonal Communication 
     Building Communication Media 
     Small Group Communication 
     Organizational Communication 

class discussion helps a lot.

-- Last edited February 8, 2018

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