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Details of the course term paper are detailed at CommEthicsTermPaper. You can ask questions and discuss the paper at CommEthicsTermPaperDiscussion.

Thursday, December 19 2:00pm - 4:00pm

(Should not be considered final until the day after the lecture has been given)

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Subject matters approaching mid-term

Books for this semester:

If I was to do this again

Data on Englehart and Anderson Interpersonal Ethics:

From Anderson and Englehart Organizational Book

From Englehart and Barney Media Ethics book:

Other related texts:

Recommendations from others:

In response to Elizabeth Powell's request for a book on communication and ethics suitable to fuel conversations and debates in a business school environment, let me recommend the excellent collection of essays brought together by Josina Makau and Ronald Arnett, *Communication Ethics in an Age of Diversity,* University of Illinois Press. Contributions by Julia T. Wood, Ronald C. Arnett, Josina M. Makau, Dolores V. Tanno, Barbara Paige-Pointer, Gale Auletta Young, Lea P. Stewart, James W. Chesebro, Richard L. Johannesen, Clifford G. Christians, James A. Jaksa, Michael S. Pritchard, Jana Kramer, and Cheris Kramarae.

In answer to Ms. Powell's request for ethics materials for her class, I'd suggest a pair of short speeches I use in my Introduction to Public Relations class. Both were delivered to the Deadline Club in New York City, October 25, 1999, and appeared in Vital Speeches of the Day (sorry, I don't have the volume number).

The first is called "Spin, Can it Save you or Sink you?", by Robert Dilenschneider of the Dilenschneider PR Group. The second is "Accountability Standards, No Excuses Implementing Solutions", by Richard Kosmicki, also of the Dilenschneider Group.

Though written well before the current rash of corporate ethics scandals, they say a lot about the mindset that probably caused these scandals. Good food for discussion....

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