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Communication Relationships And Communities

Final Exam

The final exam is here:


Daily Lecture Notes

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Setting up the mid-term

  1. I-It, I-You, and I-Thou
  2. Emotion as Disruption versus Giving Conversation Life
  3. Communication as Weaving. (your own metaphor)
  4. Five stages of emotion
  5. Incomplete emotion: moods and sentiments
  6. Disentangling events from interpretations. isues of goals, values, history, anticipation, and the social (shared prototypes, contagion)
  7. Conversation, dialogue, discussion, and debate
  8. How does dialogue help us be compassionate (understanding, accepting, forgiving)
  9. Ways in which we construct ourselves through our interaction with others
  10. Different I's for different others in different situations/roles
  11. Signals, signs, and symbols
  12. Signs and non-verbal behavior
  13. Language as an activity: invented, socialized, and enacted
  14. Language as filter: figure and ground, set of syntactic assumptions
  15. The inexpressible
  16. Exchanging messages versus coordinating meaning
  17. Communicating emotion versus communicating emotionally
  18. Elements of emotional communication competence
  19. Varieties of emotional connection
  20. Things we do whenever we communicate
  21. Blocks to listening
  22. Listening skills
  23. Listening - stop, look, listen, and respond; , focusing, encouraging, reflecting
  24. Dialogue - equality, empathic listening, and surfacing assumptions nonjudgementally

Supporting Text:

Related texts:

Communications Media in the Information Society. Joseph Straubhaar. Course Technology, Inc.; 1997 . $59.

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