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Kate Kendz Euthanasia - Noun. The act or practice of ending the life of an individual suffering from a terminal illness or an incurable condition, as by lethal injection or the suspension of extraordinary medical treatment. [Greek euthanasia good death: eu-,eu- + thanatos,death.]

Kenny Wagner WHAT IS THE ESSENCE OF THE DISAGREEMENT? - Life? - Who should decide? - Is there legal documentation that say to "pull the plug"? - Is the doctor's opinion valid? - Does the state allow Euthanasia? - How long has the patient been suffering?

Diane Johnson WHAT DO THEY CLAIM THEY ADVOCATE? ~Pro~ Ask who owns my life? Dr. Kevorkian - Reduced patients/families suffering - Save in resources used to prolong care - Patients donate vital organs/ undergo medical experiments thus benefiting science,medicine and the lives of others. - Families can't request, patients only.

People want to die with dignity; having control over their own life and death. - Animals can be put to sleep. - Ten million individuals don't have access to adequate pain management.

Leanne Burnham ~Con~ "Facing the final curtain" is beyond the hands of the individual; many are Christians and believe like Saint Augustine - Euthanasia violates one's natural desire to live. - Say some terminally ill patient could make a miraculous recovery. - Think if voluntary euthanasia is legal, involuntary will soon follow; if the law is changed to allow a person to let someone die, we could no longer control it. - Many emotional accusations; humans that are too vulnerable are being persuaded by Euthanasia practices. - Faith groups think human suffering is an opportunity for learning or purification. - God doesn't send more than one can handle.

Leanne Burnham WHAT COMMUNITIES ARE INVOLVED? "Focus On Family" - Fundamentalist Christian group which is against Euthanasia. They feel it implies that the ill & elderly are at risk of being murdered against their will in Oregon.

Leanne Burnham -Against Euthanasia- 1) conservative religious groups (God gives/takes away) - same oppose access to abortion. 2) medical associations - members are dedicated to saving and extending life and feel uncomfortable helping them die. 3) groups concerned with disabilities - fear Euthanasia is the first step to society that will kill disabled against will.

Jena Vance -For Euthanasia- 1) Small minority those involved in cases - terminal illness -intractable pain -want to end life? But again, whose decision is that?

-describe horrendous cases of terminal illness, suffering and pain even though such cases aren't normal. -suicide is legal; those in hospital or are disabled and can't exercise opinion - being discriminated against. 1) Atheists, humanist, liberal Christians - each person has control over their own life. - pain can make life an unbearable burden. Death is a relief of intolerable pain.

Values: Allyson


- There will always be a personal choice but not always a legal one! - How accurate and honest are the hospitals reporting deaths? -http://WWW.PROBE.ORG/DOCS/C-EUTHAN.html

"One writer points out that "Blue Cross of Oregon eagerly began paying for lethal prescriptions" since they are cheaper in the long run for insurance companies. Once euthanasia is legalized, health-care providers and insurance companies will begin to factor in the costs and benefits of physician-assisted suicide. Guess what they will conclude? Right. That euthanasia is cheaper than long-term care." - Kerby Anderson Commentary

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