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 communication -> relationships -> groups -> organizations -> value

 communication -> relationships -> organizations -> value

Bell's Drawing of the Telephone (from the original patent; Foulger, 2004)

      1. A speaker who creates the message
      2. A channel through which the message travels.
      3. A receiver who consumes the message and decides what it means.
      4. Interfaces that mediates the speaker, receiver, and channel
      5. Noise

Approaches to studying organizational communication

Index Card Assignment 2 (due Wednesday)
List three organizations that you belong to and three organizations that you would like to belong to.

Index Card Assignment for Friday
List three organizations you really admire; three organizations you really dislike; three organizations you would like to work for someday.

Group Assignment for Wednesday
For your groups assigned BOINC project: (1) evaluate the instructions for joining a project and make specific recommendations for improvements; (2) put together a proposal for how your group might create value (e.g. publicize and attract contributors to) for your BOINC project. Managers are responsible for providing a progress report on your group's progress.

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