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Organizational Spr2006 Sess23

No voice today. Please pass up your questions.

Index Card Assignment due next time
List three sources that provide information that will be useful on the second short paper. Get as close to APA format as you can manage.

I've explained the second short paper twice. To recap. For the same stakeholder and the same organization, write a five paragraph essay that summarizes what others have to say about how an organization should communicate with your stakeholder group.
Is the short paper and the next assignment clear?
Cross-functional communication: Working across different groups with different responsibilities. Not so much multi-talking as working across the organization . Not even knowing how to work in different departments. Working with other departments. --- Semantic information distance, which has come up in all three texts now, is the different way that people understand the same words. Examples? Foam. There was a much better NASA example. Much bigger. Hint: Feynman. This example is the reason I added the book in question to class. Another hint. Engineer vs. Manager estimates. Not just cost. Not the immediate communication. Feynman's second experiment. Estimated danger of shuttle failure. Engineers said 1 in 200. Manager said 1 in 1 million. That's Semantic information distance
Self-Reliance and success: Not just a question of not depending on others. More. In organizations we have to depend on others. A self-reliant individual has the confidence to depend on others. We wouldn't have organizations if we could do it all ourselves. We have to depend on others, but we have to get our part done ourselves.
Lots of questions. Few answers. The books is pretty good. I can clarify, but you should know the fundamentals.

Feedback as gift: Yes. feedback that companies make use of does help to improve products and reduce returns, complaints, and the likelihood of lawsuits. Feedback also tells them that people care enough about the product to react rather than just switch. That said, this is an ideal case. Not all companies act as if they appreciate feedback. Not all managers have the confidence to deal with it properly. When that happens, there can be problems in the organization over the long term. Any real world examples you can think of? Companies that have systematically lost market share because they didn't listen to all of their customers.

How about General Motors? How many of you would buy one of their cars? Which one? Why or why not? All I have are caddy customers. Why not a Chevy? How does the world's largest car maker make cars "that suck"? Why do they have cars all have bad mileage? Why do we invoke Honda or Toyota when we say "runs forever"? Honda really listens. Not even a question in my experience. Customers ... dealers ... employees. Who added the cup holders to Toyota's and Honda's? Employees on the assembly line who were empowered to make the car better. Information is broadly shared in Honda and Toyota. Assembly line workers are apprised of customer feedback. GM's first attempt at this was Saturn ... an experiment now all but dead.

Note to whomever: Two questions each time.

When I don't know what words mean I look them up in the dictionary. For Ontological. It is rooted in the term ontology: The branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of being. (from That make not say much to you. So here's the question. How does the nature of being relate to working in a company? We treat it as a joke sometimes, but we easily spend a quarter of our adult lives at work. It helps to define you we are.
What do the people who work in organizations want from organizational communication systems?

The big lesson in this. People want to do well at work because work is, to a large extend you we are and who we socialize with. It is fundamental to who we are as adults. We pick what we do for this reason. I stopped programming and started teaching for this reason, as an example. I still program, but not for money, because I like giving back more.

We're about at the end. so some quick notes. This was a chapter about the process of being within an organization. How we enter the organization. What we become. Who we relate to.
Today was a unique teaching experience for me. Hope it was OK for you.

Index Card Assignment due next time
List three sources that provide information that will be useful on the second short paper. Get as close to APA format as you can manage.

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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