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Organizational Spr2006 Sess26

Index Card Assignment Due Today
Think about a leadership experience you have had in a group or organization. Describe the experience. What kind of leadership did you exert? Note that there are many ways in which we can exert leadership.

For those who haven't been paying attention. The second short paper is due on Monday, Apr 10.

No class on Friday

Returning Midterm
12 point curve. Average grade is a B-. 5 A variants; 10 B variants; 7 C variants; 4 D variants.


  1. The necessity for leadership increases as tasks require
    1. coordination of the parallel efforts associated with complex and time sensitive tasks
    2. coordination across time of the serial efforts of specialists
    3. there is contention for scarce resources

From Emergent Complexity and the Role Attributes of media. See

  1. The skills required in a particular situation
    1. Coordination and Control Skills
      • The director role
      • Co-ordinating the activities of many people
        • so that they complete their tasks together
          • or in the required sequence
      • Controlling the floor
        • Deciding who speaks when
      • In effect, an activity coordinator
      • This is a conventional view of leadership
        • for which transformational leadership is an extreme
    2. Enablement Skills
      • The producer role
      • Finding resources
      • Bringing them together
      • In effect, a resource coordinator
      • A less common way of thinking about leadership
        • "Removing obstacles" (following Gouran)
        • "Organizing" (following Barge)
    3. Communication Competence
      1. Task competence
      2. Relational competencies
      3. Technical Competences
  2. The willingness of people to be led by someone

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