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Relationships And Communities Session Six

Index Card Assignment due Wednesday: Imagine you to meet an extraterrestrial (a being from another planet). How hard would it be to get them to understand that "The French Fries are good at ?McDonald's". What must we be able to assume to communicate that thought.

Overcoming the dialogue deficit

Yankelovich 7-31

Is dialogue different than conversation, discussion, or debate?
Purposes of dialogue

What is dialogue?

Dialogue is a highly specialized form of discussion

Interpersonal Communication and Self

Stewart, 57-71, 83-106

Verbal and non-verbal talk construct the world's we inhabit. That construction is:

The self that emerges is composed of:

None of these stays still, but some are more enduring than others

We discover our identity in the things we say and don't say in our relationships and interactions.

Eight communication "tools" associated with identity maintenance (Harold Barrett):

  1. control
  2. achievement
  3. opposition
  4. attribution
  5. anger
  6. denial
  7. withdrawl
  8. prevarication

Index Card Assignment due today: When was the last time you got really angry at someone? Who was it with? What did you do? How did they react?

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