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Relationships And Communities Session Ten

A solution: listening

Index Card Assignment due Monday (but collected today): During some one of the conversations that you are in this weekend that involve two or more people, take out an index card. Every time you are tempted to say something, don't. Write it down instead. When you've filled the index card you can resume talking.

Listening, Assumptions, and Common Ground

Nine out of ten people can't remember what they said 60 seconds ago. Others never forget.

Ten words to think about when we use (or don't use) them:

  1. I - we avoid because it seems self-centered, but it is also

a take personal responsibility word.

  1. You - can easily be taken as an accusation
  2. They - who are they anyway
  3. It - and what is 'it''
  4. But - often undermines what we said before
  5. Yes - not a term to be equivocal with
  6. No - if its what you mean, don't avoid it
  7. Always - rarely accurate and often accusatory
  8. Never - ibid
  9. Should - often accusatory

-- Last edited September 18, 2015

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