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Relationships And Communities Session Twenty Eight

Mid-term notes.

  1. (worth 20 points) A number of perceptual biases affect how we arrive at causal attributions. Explain two of these biases. (10) How does bias show up in groups and cultures? (5) Relate attribution to thse biases.(5)
  2. (worth 20 points) Describe the "I-It", "I-You", and "I-Thou" modes of interaction. How do the four things we do whenever we communicate differ for these modes of inteaction? (20)
  3. (worth 20 points) There are 4 listening skills we went over in class. Relate these skills to the elements of emotional communication competence. (20)
  4. (worth 10 points) Yankelovich says there are 3 features that differentiate dialog from discussion. How does bringing assumptions into the open differ in dialog from discussion? (10)
  5. (worth 10 points) What does a so-called "stupid" question reveal? (10)
  6. (worth 20 points) What kinds of problems are you likely to encounter in trying to tell an alien that "I need to go to the bathroom." (20 if you give at least 3 reasonable ones; subtract 5 for each less)

Index Card Assignment due Wednesday: Select a community that would be interesting to use as the primary example in your term paper.
Index Card Assignment due Friday: select three communication topics from within the course that might be an interesting way of looking at the community.

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