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A list of courses supported on this Wiki. All current courses are being taught at BrooklynCollege. Other courses that have been supported here were taught at Oswego State, Rowan University, Adelphi University, Malloy College, and Montclair State University, I will collect class discussion notes and other class related information here. See ClassDiscussions for another outline of some of the materials on this page. DavisFoulger

Spring, 2018 courses

Fall, 2017 courses

Spring, 2017 courses

Fall, 2016 courses

Spring, 2016 courses

Winter, 2015 courses

Fall, 2015 courses

Spring, 2015 courses

Fall, 2014 courses

Summer, 2014 courses

Spring, 2014 Courses

Fall, 2013 Courses

Summer, 2013 courses

Spring, 2013 courses

Fall, 2012 courses

Summer, 2012 courses

Spring, 2012 course

Winter, 2012 course

Fall, 2011 courses

Spring, 2011 courses

Winter, 2011 course

Fall, 2010 courses

Spring, 2010 courses

Winter, 2010 course

Fall, 2009 courses

Fall, 2009 Proposals and Presentations

Summer, 2009 courses

Spring, 2009 courses

Winter, 2009 courses

Fall, 2008 courses

Summer, 2008 courses

Spring, 2008 Courses

Fall, 2007 Courses

Summer, 2007

Spring, 2007 Courses

Fall, 2006 Courses

Spring, 2006 Courses

Spring, 2006 invited and competitive lectures and presentations

Spring, 2006 Independent Study Opportunity

Fall, 2005 courses

Fall, 2005 invited and competitive lectures and presentations

Summer, 2005 courses

Spring, 2005 courses

Spring, 2005 - Invited lectures and presentations

Fall, 2004 courses

Summer, 2004 course

Spring, 2004 course

Spring, 2004 - Invited lectures and presentations

I particularly encourage students who have an interest in doing communication related research to talk about those interests here (see StudentPages). I am happy to work with you on it.

This is a Wiki site. You can build and edit web pages here directly from your web browser. To create a page, you generally ?SmashTwoOrMoreWordsTogether with the first letter of each word capitalized, much as I've done in turning "smash two or more words together" into what looks like one big word. Most pages here have a well defined subject matter and are used by other people. Respecting those peoples efforts is important to using a wiki. So is adding to what people have said if you have something valuable to add.

The QuickRef over on the right side of this page gives instructions on how you can create and edit pages here. The WikiSandbox is a place where you can try things out. The WelcomeVisitors page is a place where you can learn about other things that are happening on this wiki. Enjoy.

I have preserved an older version of this page for archival purposes: OswegoStudentPage.

-- Last edited March 13, 2018

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